from boring screenshot to aquatic beauty

First of all, have a look at this beautiful pic. Enjoy it. Allow yourself to see whatever your imagination shows you.

crprkshts oblit pm

Now let me tell you how I made it…

It started from this boring screenshot of one of the folders on my computer.


I don’t even remember why I took that screenshot, but I decided it was a good candidate for experimenting with a new tool. The result was this interesting image:

crprkshts oblit

I decided to play with it a bit… Initially I just wanted to give it a less starkly-white background. I uploaded it to PicMonkey and started playing, trying different approaches… the turning point was when I tried the Daguerreotype feature, which made it look much more interesting and arty… totally different mood… I fell in love with that – but not enough to leave it as it was, I felt it needed a bit more… colour, that was the first thing that was missing, so I used the Tint feature to colour it blue. And I used the Soften feature to make it a bit less harsh. And then… oh yes, I looked at the image and felt it needed something more, it looked to me like I had this thing floating around in water and there needed to be other stuff in the water, like you get at the bottom of the sea perhaps…

maybe one of the Textures would help? hmmm… this may not seem obvious for an aquatic scene, but Space is the one I used… those little speckles are officially stars, I guess, but hey, whatever works :)

So there you have it – the back story. Hope that didn’t spoil your enjoyment of the end result!