Sam (my camera) came into my life in May 2010 and changed it in ways I had totally not expected. She opened my eyes and got me to start seeing the world around me – noticing things that I’d have just walked past before, seeing beauty in mundane stuff, framing bits of the everydayness of life… But that was just one stage along the way. I am still doing that, I love carving out a bit of randomness and showing it without context, and you will see some of that here. But there is other stuff too…

There are the photos that I mess around with and edit to the point where I’m not sure if the end result still qualifies for the term “photo”, it is totally not an attempt at realism – it’s art, loosely based on something that was originally a depiction of reality.

And now and again I go totally crazy and mess around with a photo to the point where it definitely isn’t a photo any more, just an abstract picture I’ve made out of the pixels that were part of the original image. One of my friends called it “painting without paint”. I like that.

So this is what you can expect to see me post here: some photography, some abstract digital art, and some things that belong in that blurry bit in between the two.


  • More of me: I share a lot more on Google+ (not just photos though)
  • Location: most of my photos are taken in West Sussex, England
  • Equipment: the camera I’m using is a basic point & shoot (Fujifilm Finepix AV100); for photo editing I mainly use PicMonkey
  • Copyright: all the images I post here are my own, and I expect people to respect my copyright

Comments are welcome

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